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Pet Honoring, llc offers animal reiki, welcoming engery sessions and provides services and products to to help with pet loss, pet honoring memorial ceremonies, pet memorial kits, pet loss care packs, honoring wraps for health and transition and offers pet sympathy gifts. These help us transition grief from pet death. Ideal for individuals and families.

My pet is terminally ill, what services can you provide?

This is a tough time. It is often an emotionally and physically challenging time for both pet and person. Energy work/Reiki can be used to help ease the transition, to make it physically and emotionally more more comfortable for all involved. This can be done prior to or at the time of a tranisition. Soothing, loving energy is brought in, and the pet uses this to assist them in the process. The energy is also brought into the environment and family members to soothe the emotional aspects of grief and loss.  Distance sessions are also available and come with assisting the client in learning methods and techniques they can use to help their pets.

How are Honoring Ceremonies different from Funerals and Memorial Services? Funerals and Memorial Services are traditionally held close to the time of death and serve as a way to mourn a loss. Memorial Services are without remains present and are less formal. Both are needed and an important part in grieving and expressing the heavy emotions that accompany death.

However, grieving and dealing with the loss of a Loved One or Pet does not end there. It takes time and the process is highly individual. The focus here is on Honoring and giving thanks for the specialness of that One in our life, the love shared connecting us back to the aspects of that relationship that are a special and a permanent part of us.

Honoring Ceremonies are usually done later, when it feels right and when one is ready. Some choose to do an Honoring Ceremony a few weeks, months or even years after a transition. It provides a focused time just to say thank you and honor them. Appreciation and love are the best gifts we can give. Plus, it just plain feels good to say thank you for those that have had great value in our life.

Will an Honoring Ceremony help me feel better?

Feelings of loss and separation are a natural part of the grieving process simply because there is a physical loss. And those feelings are important. But an Honoring Ceremony, when one is ready, can help transcend the heavy feelings and connect us back to the part of that relationship which will always exist. It can help lift us out of the sadness of the loss and be with what is real – the essence of the love and specialness of that relationship.


Is this something we can do as a family? Will my children be able to participate?

Absolutely. When a family is ready, many have found an Honoring Ceremony brings the joy back into remembering a Loved One or Pet. Preparation of the Honoring Ceremony facilitates discussion, closeness, sharing and many times helps ease feelings of sadness, anxiety and unknowing in their children. It helps children feel more secure and eases sadness of the loss. “For many children, pet death is the first time they will experience grief over death. Handling a pet’s death in a positive way empowers children to handle grief in the future,” says Julia Brannan. I couldn’t agree more. All participants should be given the choice to participate or not. I am happy to help you and your family create the perfect pet memorial. There are many ways to customize these for each individual family and pet.

Is it appropriate for me to invite friends?

Definitely. Friends whom you consider inviting could be ones that were close to your Loved One or Pet and you feel they would like to attend. They can also be someone close whom you wish to share the event with or just have there for support. Whoever is there should be there because you want them there, for whatever reason. Let them know what the Ceremony is about and why you extending the invitation and that it is ok to attend or not.

Are Pet Honoring Ceremonies just for Dogs and Cats?

Heavens no! Although cats and dogs are probably the most popular pets, any pet or animal you love is worthy of Honoring. Many people have loving and deep relationships with horses, rabbits, birds, reptiles, gerbils, lizards, ferrets, pigs …..just to name a few. Honoring Ceremonies are done for people, too! In fact, anyone or thing you have love or appreciation for is worthy of Honoring.


What do I do with the Kit after the Ceremony?
This is highly individual. Some will want the Ceremony table to remain displayed to provide a form of emotional support. The box can also be used to store pictures and memorabilia. It makes a nice Urn stand. Some will want to disassemble the display but keep the Kit. Honoring, llc also accepts back kits or items. Otherwise, it would be important to treat the items with respect and to return them to the Earth or recycle rather than disposing of them in the trash can. The Butterfly can be easily made into a magnet.


Can an Honoring Kit be used more than once?
Yes, a Kit can be used more than once. Some like the idea of holding an Honoring Ceremony annually or on special day. A Kit can be used again for Honoring the same One or for Honoring another; however, it would be best to ‘clear out’ the previous ceremony. This can be done with intention and setting the Kit in the Sun or Moon light for a few hours. Also, you may feel a need to exchange some items, or not.
What if I want an individually tailored Script but don’t know how?
First, I would say take some time with it. Think from your heart about what you’d like to say and start writing. It might just come naturally once you get started. If you still want something more, a Pet or Person specific Ceremony Script can be created for you. A consultation would be needed in order to discuss this and get to know you and your Pet or Loved One. From this, an individualized Script can be created and sent to you for use in conducting your own Ceremony. Contact me and I will help.
What if I want someone else to conduct the Ceremony?
There can be special benefit to having someone else conduct the ceremony. This allows you to participate in the ceremony to the fullest. Some feel comfortable asking a friend or relative to do this. I am also available to provide this service and can bring experience and depth of Spirit to the Ceremony.
What does the Honoring Symbol mean?
Pet Honoring, llc offers animal reiki, welcoming engery sessions and provides services and products to to help with pet loss, pet honoring memorial ceremonies, pet memorial kits, pet loss care packs, honoring wraps for health and transition and offers pet sympathy gifts. These help us transition grief from pet death. Ideal for individuals and families. The Honoring symbol was chosen for several reasons. The two hearts merge together to become one. This represents the interrelating and love shared between two souls. It also represents our connection and merging with the divine. The merging of the hearts also creates two signs of infinity which represents the timeless nature of love. The circle represents Mother Earth in the middle surrounded by Love and Honor.
What is a Ceremonial Honorist?
An Honorist, by the simplest definition, is ‘One who Honors’. Going a little deeper, an Honorist is one who understands, knows and feels the value of Honoring, whether it is on the mental, emotional, spiritual or universal level. They believe that everything has a spirit and a soul and not only is showing appreciation spiritually significant, it provides love and healing on all levels, for everyone involved. A Ceremonial Honorist is one who has the ability to orchestrate the Honoring through the connection of Spirit in Ceremony. This is whether it is for a Person, a Pet or a Union.
Why did you choose this work?
Someone asked me this question and my first thought was “It’s not a choice.” I paused and in my heart thought, “It’s a privilege.” I feel it is an absolute honor and privilege to be a part of helping people with a very tender and deep part of life. I understand the depth at which Pets touch your soul. They become a part of you… a loving, wonderful part of you. They hold a greater love and constantly offer us access to it. I want to help people Honor this in their lives. Whether in person or through the Kits, Honoring Ceremonies are designed to ease transition, elevate love and understanding and celebrate life. For me, there is no greater work.

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