Pet Loss Grief Healing Session

Pet Loss Grief Healing Session

Death of our pets effects us tremendously. The experience of grief is real.Sometimes we need more. Grief Healing Sessions are also available. Spiritual Counseling and Energy healing session to help provide comfort and healing from pet loss.

Leigh uses her skills as a Spiritual Counselor, Animal Intuitive and Energy healer to weave together a session that provides understanding, insight and healing.

Sessions are in-person or distance via skype or phone. Sessions are usually half an hour to an hour and are $45

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“Within a few minutes I literally felt a weight being lifted from my heart.”


“There is nothing I can say that can convey what Leigh has done for the both of us; thank you doesn’t even come close…”



Helping heal past grief and accept new love

“The date April 17, 2012 will forever be etched on my heart. It was the day that I had my two loving Shih Tzu’s put to sleep. KC (Kahlua Crème) and Dacquri blessed me with 16yrs of unconditional love and undying loyalty. It was and still is the hardest thing I have ever had to do in fifty five years of life.

KC had cancer and Dacquri, who had broken her jaw running down my back steps, never recovered and she wasn’t the same. Lori came to my house and after talking with her and telling my two “babies” that I loved them and didn’t want them to be in pain anymore, held them while they went to their eternal sleep.

A gentleman from the crematorium came shortly thereafter and took my babies away.

At that point in time, I wanted to go with them. I didn’t want to be in this world without them. We had been together since they were 9 weeks old. They had been with me in four different states, and through countless moves. Never complaining, always adjusting to a new situation with a wagging tail and puppy kisses.

For two weeks I alternated between crying over missing them and crying over the guilt I felt at ending their lives. I didn’t want to eat; sleep, I would go to the dog park just to be around the dogs that we had met. I kept telling myself that what I did was for the best. That I didn’t want them to suffer or to grieve, that they were waiting for me on the underside of the Rainbow Bridge, happy, cancer free and with a full set of teeth, no pain.

I had no intention of opening my heart to another baby. I thought I could perhaps foster a rescue, take care of a pup and then send them on their way to a forever home. A phone call from a friend from a rescue changed all that.

She told me the story of a pup that had the most hits on their website, but that no one wanted. I asked why? She told me that most people wanted a perfect baby. I told her that I was the least perfect person I knew, and why would I not want to help an imperfect baby. She brought over a three legged Pomeranian named Archie. It took him all of two minutes to come over and introduce himself to me. I had Archie only two days when I was to meet my friend at Helping Hands to check on his amputation site. We were waiting outside when She pulled up in her car, Archie who was sitting in my lap, perked up when I told him “Your Friend is here Archie!” She took a step closer to us and Archie sat up straighter and growled at her! Archie had bonded with me in just two days. At that point I looked up and thanked the “babies” for sending him to me. We had rescued each other!

As much as I lovedmy new dog Archie, there was a sense of something missing. I couldn’t use the words I had used countless times when talking to him. I couldn’t call him my “baby boy”, for so long that was reserved for KC. I would look at Archie and break down and cry. I felt disloyal and guilty over having another baby in the house, on the bed with me at night. I know that Archie felt there was something amiss. He was aggressive with other dogs who vied for my attention. He would stick to me like glue wherever we went. I even went so far as to have a dog therapist come to my home and help me address what I considered his issues.

Nothing seemed to work. Then my friend told me about Leigh and how she had helped her with one of her dogs. I thought what the heck it couldn’t hurt, nothing else was working and both Archie and I were miserable.

Leigh asked me a little about Archie and myself, she listened while I babbled on about my “babies”. When I was talked out, Leigh gave me insight not only about Archie’s past, but that the issues he had were the result of my not being able to let go of the guilt I had. I know this will sound like something out of a novel, but within a few minutes I literally felt a weight being lifted from my heart. I held Archie and cried after Leigh and I had hung up. I didn’t cry for KC and Dacquri, I cried for all the pain Archie had been in prior to his amputation, and for the pain I was causing him. It didn’t happen overnight, but Archie has changed. He now accepts, 99% of the time, other dogs receiving my attention. He even treats my friend’s little Pom just like a baby brother, complete with kisses and sharing of rawhide treats!

There is nothing I can say that can convey what Leigh has done for the both of us; thank you doesn’t even come close…” 

-LS, Richmond, VA

828 . 367 . 6097    

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