Pet Loss Grief Healing Session

Grief healing is a process. It’s a tough process we all have to go through at some point or another.

cat-dog-cuddleSometimes, time helps and we are able to find our way back to balance and peace after loss. Sometimes, it stays with us and we get stuck in these devastating feelings. This can be for weeks, months or even years. Although there are some avenues of healing out there, they are often sparse or lacking. This is especially true with the later phases of grief. Talking with therapists or counselors can be of some assistance. This can help us with the mental aspects of working through the grief. Sometime more is needed.  These Pet Grief Healing sessions were created to help and address the process of healing pet loss on the spiritual, emotional and energetic levels.

There is often a lacking of understanding and addressing loss and grief healing at the spiritual and emotional levels, especially for the later stages of grief.  Pet Loss can be just as difficult as other losses, sometimes it can be even harder because of the intricacy of our relationship with our pets and lack of ways out there to help. Pets are our family. Their loss is tremendous. Love is love, after all.Pet Honoring Cat

These Pet Grief Healing sessions have three parts, each one to uniquely address vital parts of healing grief from pet loss: Expression, Heart-Speak and Honoring. 

Expression: The first part is given for expressing and sharing the good recognized. Here, the person expresses what they loved most about their pet, the value received, the gifts given and the love shared. This is important as it allows the person to express and give form to the recognition of this unique relationship, the specialness and the special moments. Sacred space is held for this expression and energy to provide blessings.

Heart-Speak: The next part of the session is for guided Heart Speak. Here, I help facilitate helping the person listening to what the heart needs. This can involve exploring elements which need may need to be addressed and released such as acknowledging heavy elements of things like regret, guilt, despair, etc. Feelings of having made a mistake, done too much or not enough are common occurrences with our pets. This is done to bring up and clear the items on a spiritual and energetic level. Then, time is given for the person to express any special messages of love or thanks for their beloved pet. We also explore and identify gifts received or gift recognition. I help the clients recognize and release blockages, express thanks and see the gifts.

Honoring: The closing is time for a special honoring and blessing of the beloved pet and your  relationship.This occurs in sacred space, which has a special healing element. With pet loss, in reflection of our relationship, there is often an element of having received greater good than we gave. Because love, appreciation and honoring transcend time, expressing these for a pet in the spiritual realm, is a gift to them. It elevates their soul. It is a way to give something back. Plus, just saying thank you feels good. There can also be a reconnection back to the love shared. Energy work is done to clear, cleanse and balance the energy centers. The person feels lighter. Closing is done with the Pet Honoring Prayer.

Pet Honoring Girl and bunnyThrough each phase of this process, the person is able to address, process and transition through the later and latent stages of grief.

Please note that ‘when’ the loss occurred does not matter. These grief healing energy sessions can be done for any loss that occurred, no matter how long ago, weeks, months or even years. If you are still feeling sad or stuck, this just may be what is needed to heal.

*Please note that these sessions are not therapy or counseling sessions. These Pet Loss Grief Healing Energy sessions are created to help and address the process of healing pet loss on the spiritual, emotional and energetic levels.

Sessions are about an hour and conducted by L. Leigh Love, Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Pranic Healer and ordained non-denominational Reverend. 

Sessions can be either in-person at Bright Star Studio or by phone session. $65

Please contact me with questions or to schedule.

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Sample Testimonials:

“Leigh gave me insightWithin a few minutes I literally felt a weight being lifted from my heart.” -LS, Richmond, VA


“There is nothing I can say that can convey what Leigh has done for the both of us; thank you doesn’t even come close…” AW, Dayton, OH


“it was last year when you were SO  KIND as to honor her. I’m still so very grateful. It seemed to allow my heart to stop aching. Thank you for all you do.”

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