L. Leigh Love is passionate about helping people through pet loss and enhancing our relationship with our animal companions. This work began with her own exploration of healing and wanting to share it with others. I have truly come to understand that animals can be a loving and wonderful part of not only your life, but your soul’s development. I knew, within me, it filled (and continues to fill) a need and I could see that there were others who were searching for the same. One of my guides reflected that there is a hole in humanity regarding death. Perhaps with this work, I can help some of that, too.

She offers activities such as a free monthly Pet Honoring Memorial Service, private pet memorial services and a unique pet-loss grief healing session. Her clients span nationally and internationally.

She is a Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Pranic Healer, a Ceremonial Honorist and a non-denominational ordained Reverend and is trained in traditional and ancient forms of Reiki, Usui and Sekhem/Seichim.

To read more about the services for people visit: BrightStarStudio.net

She is available to come to your event and hold a Pet Honoring Ceremony (free for non-profits). It is a nice way to give your supporters a way to honor and remember their past pet loves.




American Pet Associations – 5 star approval
Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement member
ACCAW – Animal Communicators Coalition for Animal Welfare member



PetPlace Radio Interview

All Paws Animal Talk Show

Interview: A Place of Knowing http://bufflehead.wordpress.com/2013/07/29/a-place-of-knowing-within/


October 2013 WNC Woman Magazine publishes “Better Communication with your Pet: Part 2″http://www.wncwoman.com/2013/10/01/pet-care-corner-better-communication-with-your-pet-part-2-receiving/

September 2013 WNC Woman Magazine publishes “Better Communication with your Pet: Part 1” – http://www.wncwoman.com/2013/09/03/pet-care-corner-better-communication-with-your-pet-part-1/

WNC Magazine – April 2013 Article ‘Gifts of a Great Pet’ – http://www.wncwoman.com/2013/04/01/pet-care-corner-gifts-of-a-great-pet-connecting-deeper/

Pet Gazette – Asheville – http://www.petgazetteasheville.com/2012/12/19/reiki-energy-work-helps-pets-prosper/

Critter Magazine Asheville ‘The first Pet Honoring Ceremony’

Critter Magazine AshevilleEnergy Work for Animals”

Natural Awakenings – Asheville – “Animal Reiki”

 Natural Awakenings – Asheville – “Honoring Your Pet”



Speaking Engagements

Artisans, Health and Healing Gathering’- Speaker: ‘The Value of Honoring in Healing Grief’

United Pet Honoring Ceremony – Officiated – Black Mountain, NC

Brother Wolf ‘Paws to Remember’ — Officiated Pet Honoring Ceremony

Schnauzerpalooza – Charlotte, NC – Officiated a group Pet Honoring Ceremony

*a Certified and Insured Practitioner

Pet Honoring, llc offers animal reiki, welcoming engery sessions and provides services and products to to help with pet loss, pet honoring memorial ceremonies, pet memorial kits, pet loss care packs, honoring wraps for health and transition and offers pet sympathy gifts. These help us transition grief from pet death. Ideal for individuals and families.

Bright Star Contact info

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Leigh, It was nice to meet you at the Pet Expo. I don’t see any other contact except here. Do you have an email? It’s not clear on your website and there’s not one on your card. My husband paints pet portraits and I hope we can come up with a way to work together. Please contact me at stephanie@jimmydog.com.

    • Hi Stephanie, great to hear from you. And it was lovely to meet you at the Charlotte pet expo as well. The email address is at the bottom of every page on the website, info@pethonoring.com. I’ll also send you an email. Chat soon! Leigh

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