Pet Honoring is about honoring our pets and enhancing our relationship with them. Services also include energy work, honoring and memorial services and assistance with healing grief from pet loss.

Pet Honoring recognizes that our pets ARE our family and they give us so much. And when we lose a family member, it is very difficult. Taking time to honor that relationship and say ‘thank you’ is an important part of grieving and healing. This can even be weeks, months or even years after we lose a beloved pet.

Love transcends time.

I am passionate about helping helping people heal from the loss and even re-connecting with the love shared!

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2 thoughts on “Home

  1. left a message to you.. on the phone..is this also like animal communication. after her passing..about dakotah..i need help with this right now where im at..thank you , ida

  2. I use some animal communication, intuitive guidance and enery work in the sessions to help facilitate healing. Will call you tomorrow, luv. xoox L

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