The mission of Pet Honoring, a division of Bright Star Studio, is to honor our pets and enhance our relationship with them.  This includes all aspects of their lives from better care and communication, enhancing healing to even include the difficult, but honorable end-of-life stage. We all want to lovingly care for our pets during this time, but often do not know how.

Pet Honoring recognizes that our pets ARE our family and they give us so much. And when we lose a family member, it is very difficult. Taking time and having ways to respect and honor that relationship is an important part of grieving and healing. This can even be months or years after we lose a beloved pet. Love transcends time. Don’t know how to honor your pet or have a memorial? Let me help you. There are many different services and items to make it easy. There are Pet Honoring Memorial kits, an Audio CD and I can even create a memorial just for your pet for you and your family to hold.

I am passionate about helping our pets during this time as well as helping people heal from the loss and even re-connecting with the love shared!

Services include:ANW Picture


Upcoming Angel Pets Conference 2019!


Check out photos and testimonials from the

Asheville Angel Pets Conference

End-of-Life Care and Decision-making for our pets & Caregiver Support

Now available on CD!  Recorded lectures in MP3 format
Order Online


Angel Pets CD WP

More info and resources at  AngelPetsConference.com

$25 (includes tax & shipping)  Visit SQUARE https://squareup.com/market/honoring-llc to order directly



Next United Pet Honoring Ceremony is February 10th, 2019 11-12pm EST

2019 united pet honoring final copy

It’s free to send in Pet name to be included in the honoring!

Send in Pet Name (photo optional) to Bright Star Studio at email listed.

Bright Star Contact info

Free to attend or call in and listen.

857.232.0159 (x329054)

People from all over send in pet names to be honored and blessed. These are held the second Sunday of every month 11-12p EST.

United Pet Honoring Ceremonies are held to have special and sacred time to send love, give thanks and honor to our pets and our relationship with them. The format is simple with an Opening, Introduction, Silent reflection, shared reflection, Blessing (each pet name is said out loud and given an individual blessing of love, honoring and healing for the highest good).

Honoring prayers are sent to those listed and their families. It’s free to add a pet name. ‘When’ the pet was with us does not matter. ‘Love transcends time.’ Many submit childhood pets whom they loved to be honored and recognized.

Free to attend in person (limited seating) or call in and listen. (in-person is not required, one can attend in spirit and send love.) Dial-in Number: 1-857-232-0159 . Conference Code: 329054. Send pet name (photo optional for the ceremony table) to listed email at Bright Star Studio.

If you don’t have a pet to add, but want to be a participate in the blessing and honoring of these pets, please join in person or remotely! Please contact me with any questions.


Testimonials for Pet Honoring:


“It was last year when you were SO  KIND as to honor her. I’m still so very grateful. It seemed to allow my heart to stop aching. Now I have two dogs and  each has such a distinctive personality. Thank you for all you do.”

“I can’t even express how much this has touched me …. I want to express my deepest gratitude, from both me AND my girl. I’m sure she heard your prayers, and it gives me comfort to think that she knows that I will honor and love her for the rest of my life. I thank you..”

“Thank you so much for what you did for my family! Words can’t express our gratitude. My families love and thoughts not only go out to our own beloved Connor, but to all those pets that are now with him  and all the families as well that are on the same journey without them as we are.”  -SRG


Pet Honoring Mash kisses

Honoring Ceremonies were created because of the simple fact that healing from grief takes time. An important element, when one is ready, is to Honor our one who has passed who meant so much to us. Honoring Ceremony,  can give us peace and help settle the soul. It can help us also reconnect to the loving relationship, in a new and deeper way. Honoring Ceremonies are done when it feels right. This can be weeks, months, years or even decades after a passing. Love transcends time. Don’t know how to do this on your own? Let me help you.

I offer Honoring Ceremonies for both, people and pets.


Grief Healing Sessions for pet loss

Death of our pets effects us tremendously. The experience of grief is real. Too often we go through this alone, not knowing what to do or how to heal. There are few resources out there to help us. These Grief Healing Sessions integrate Spiritual Counseling and Energy healing to help provide comfort and facilitate healing from pet loss.

Sessions are in-person or distance via skype or phone. Initial sessions are usually half an hour to an hour. $45

Purchase a Grief Healing Session ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

*Prices for services and products list accordingly, however a certain amount of each is allocated for community need and service. Please contact me for pro bono availability or discounts.


*a Certified and Insured Practitioner

“There is no life without death. There is no death without rebirth.”

    Bright Star Contact info

Copyright © Bright Star Studio, llc


4 thoughts on “Home

  1. left a message to you.. on the phone..is this also like animal communication. after her passing..about dakotah..i need help with this right now where im at..thank you , ida

    • I use some animal communication, intuitive guidance and enery work in the sessions to help facilitate healing. Will call you tomorrow, luv. xoox L

  2. Loved the Pet Honoring ceremony
    CD – Just ordered my 2nd CD – first was mine – this one going to family of beloved Dice who left us couple of weeks ago –

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