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Reiki, and energy work, is great for stress reduction, healing and improved performance for horses. Energy work can help maintain your horse’s health as well as assist in healing of injuries or illness. Reiki can provide a soothing and harmonious environment.

Energy work can be used with horses.

Reiki is gentle and noninvasive, and yet can powerfully address health issues for horses. Because the nature of Reiki is to create and support energetic balance, can be used on its own or as a wonderful complement to other healing therapies, both traditional and holistic.

Horses are deeply connected, inherently sensitive and energetic beings who respond well to energy work. Reiki also has an irresistibly relaxing nature that just feels good!

Benefits of equine Reiki, energy work, for your horse includes

  • Relaxation and stress reduction
  • Improved health and healing
  • Increased harmony
  • Improved performance
  • Increase human-horse connection
  • Can assist in acclimating to new place
  • ‘Just being happier’

The session is conducted with the horse in either a form or hands-on or a distance manner, or usually a combination of the both. Reiki, and energy work, is about connecting to ‘life force energy’ and brining that in to the environment for the horse, directly to use to balance and rejuvenate the horse chakras and energy system. It supports a path toward balance and harmony. Even if it is not clear what is specifically wrong, energy work can lead to profound healing shifts toward balance on all levels for the horse.

Horses are highly sensitive, magnificent and connected beings. Energy work with horses require enhanced skills in gentleness and subtle energies. An energy practitioner with horses understands that they need to ask permission from the horse and respects when the horse is complete with the session.

Horses should have access to plenty of fresh water after a session.

Sessions are $120 and last up to an hour. Includes travel to location within 45 mile radius.

Equine Energy sessions are conducted by L. Leigh Love, Reiki Master Teacher and Advanced Pranic Healer.

Please contact me with questions or to schedule and appointment.


L Leigh Love

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“Thank you for helping our horse heal. She was more settled and calm than ever before. It was magic.” -Burt & Lannie

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