United Pet Honoring June 9, 2013

United Pet Honoring Ceremony – June 9th, 2013

(to coincide with World Pet Memorial Day!)

You can attend in Spirit: send love, during, before or after!

Send in Pet Name (photo optional) to Bright Star Studio (this is a complimentary service, no fee!)

Bright Star Contact info

People from all over send in names of Pets to be Honored.

Cats, Dogs, Horses, Frogs, Bunnies, childhood pets and more are included.

Benefits include:

  • Giving love and appreciation to your pet,
  • Healing grief,
  • Elevating love and
  • Increasing the connection.

Send in a pet name…send love during the ceremony. That is all that is needed…Send pet name to info @ pethonoring.com


“I can’t even express how much this has touched me …. I want to express my deepest gratitude, from both me AND my girl. I’m sure she heard your prayers, and it gives me comfort to think that she knows that I will honor and love her for the rest of my life. You are a wonderful person for putting this all together. I thank you..”

Pets honored:

Albert, Guber, Prince, Angel, Braley Olsen, Puma, Larkin, Zoe, Nala, Shiloh, Brandi, Majestik, Haley, Mighty Mo, Poof, Jemma, Okeeffe Dancing Bear,

Connor, Speedy, Tigress, Baily, Buddy, Charlie, Keko, Saco, Jake ‘Plywood’,

Joey, Cain, Armani, Tomosina, Skittles,  Elvis,

Nina, Draca, Lilly, Aiden, Alexis, Maui, Tyson, Keegan, Shadow,

Solo, Prancer, Kit Cat, Sox, Feliz, Daisy, Molly, Greyson, Barkley, Sparkie,

Harley, Ben, Lucky Hobson, Conway, Madison, Precious, Lucky

Harris, Titus, Summer, Leah, Angel, Cuddles, Expresso, Toby, Mocha latte, Bunny

Ginger, Mitzi, Penny, Lowkey, Fox, Baxter, Bumpass, Reggie, Blair, Brandy, Jenny,

Lucy, Nugget, Bogey, Goble, Murray, Spence, Rosie, Smokey, Tess, Hon, Emmett, Wrigley

= 410 ? ‘410px’ : ‘auto’);

Guber Pet Honoring

Angel Pet HonoringPrince and Ari Pet Honoring copymarie and prince Pet Honoring

Braley Olsen Pet Honoring

Puma Pet Honoring Puma and my family 1962 Pet Honoring

Larkin Pet Honoring

Zoe Pet HonoringNala pet Honoring

Brandi Pet Honoring copyMajestik Pet HonoringShiloh Pet Honoring

Mighty Mo Pet Honoring

Conner Pet Honoring

Poof Pet Honoring


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