United Pet Honoring April 11th


United Pet Honoring Memorial Ceremony

April 11th ~ 1 pm (EDT) on National Pet Day!

send in pet name (and/or picture) to be included in the honoring!

 UPHC April 11th, 2014

It was a beautiful and wonderful ceremony today. Thank you to all who participated in person and via phone. Please let me know if you would like the recording of the ceremony.

April 11th, 2014 Pets to honored:

Zachary, Nhala Princess, Miss P, Sophia, Jill, Elmo, Sporty, Percy, Simon, Rosie, Scooby, Zoey, Sierra, Tim, Big Benz, Commander, Casscade, Earnhardt, Kings of Coins Conner, Sheba, Lyra, Chez, Turnip, Saffron, Rosie, Jack, Speedy, Spanky, Prancer, Blackjack, Darby, Zoe, Smokey, Tesse, Ginger, Bumpass, Albert, Biscuit A.,  Baxter, Emmett, Wrigley, Cola, Blackberry, Penny, Blair, Brandy, Jenny, Bogey, Petie, Spencer, Fox, Biscuit P., Daisey, Baloo

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Send in Pet Name (photo optional) to info@pethonoring.com

Testimonial: “it was last year when you were SO  KIND as to honor her. I’m still so very grateful. It seemed to allow my heart to stop aching. Now I have two dogs and  each has such a distinctive personality. Thank you for all you do.”

NEW: Call in and Listen: 1-857-232-0159  x329054 (Please note this is not a toll-free number, although there are no charges to call in and listen!)

This International United Pet Honoring Ceremony is held for us to come together and unite in expressing our love and appreciation for our pets. It is a way to have sacred time to honor our pets and loved ones, our relationship with them, and all they give us.  People from all over attended and sent in names of Pets to be honored.

Percy Pet Honoring copy

Pet Honoring Ceremonies are a way to have sacred time to honor our pets and loved ones, our relationship with them, and all they give us. Honoring prayers are sent to those listed and their families. Each name is said out loud and given an individual blessing of love, honoring and healing for the highest good. The divine essences of their spirit and soul is acknowledged, honored and sent love.

People from all over send in names of Pets to be Honored. Cats, Dogs, Horses, Frogs, Bunnies and more are included.

Benefits include:

  • Giving love and appreciation to your pet,
  • Healing grief,
  • Elevating love and
  • Increasing the connection.

Send in a pet name…send love during the ceremony. That is all that is needed…Send pet name to info @ petonoring.com


pet Honoring Nhala Princess copy Pet Honoring Zachary copy

Jill Pet Honoring copySpanky Pet Honoring



Simon Pet Honoring copyPet Honoring Scooby

Rosie.Jul.02 pet HonoringPet Honoring Jack April 11 14

Rosie 1998  – 1/8/2014- My little Rosie, my sweet, smart, survivalist Rosie. A free, free spirit who died where she wanted to; at home and in her own terms. Her sweetness and independence were her greatest traits. I miss you so much my darling, even though you have visited me in spirit many times, I miss your beauty and love and earth body. thank you so much – bibi.W

Pet Honoring Blackjack copy             speedyornament Pet Honoring

Prancer Pet Honoring  Prayers4Paws UK Zoe  Bumpas Pet Honoring Pet Honoring Emmett

This service is free and we are delighted you added your pet to be honored.

If you would like to make a contribution of any amount, it will go towards the cost of these ceremonies to bless our animals. Thank you.


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