Petloss Carepack™

A deeply caring gift during a difficult pet loss time to help with pet grief, show support and provide comfort. It is a unique and special pet bereavement and pet sympathy gift.

An alternative or addition to a card or flowers in times Pet-loss, designed to provide support and aid in grieving the loss of a beloved pet. Each care pack is uniquely created with love and understanding of how real and deep our relationship with our pets are and how difficult their loss can be and contains items to assist one in the grieving process.
SRC Savannah carepack
Contents: Pet Honoring Memory Book (5×7, 6pg), Mini Picture frame (21/2 x 31/2), Magnet picture holder (21/2 x 31/2), Pocket tissues, Flowers, Shells, gemstone tumblestone, Pet Love Poem, Petloss Resource card, Coping tips and description of meaning of items in a 6×9 Gold Organza bag with Hershey kisses and a dove.

Petloss Carepack$30Pet Honoring, llc offers animal reiki, welcoming engery sessions and provides services and products to to help with pet loss, pet honoring memorial ceremonies, pet memorial kits, pet loss care packs, honoring wraps for health and transition and offers pet sympathy gifts. These help us transition grief from pet death. Ideal for individuals and families.

*Postage of $5.20 will be added for USPS Flat rate to be shipped anywhere in contiguous states. 5% sales tax added for VA residents. For shipping outside of US,c please contact for pricing.

*Customization is available

Examples of Customized work:

“Thanks so much, Leigh.  These packs really do make a difference!  We get lots of compliments from our bereaved members that receive them. 

Often people just do not realize how deeply the pain of losing your best friend cuts and knowing that it is recognized validates that sorrow and allows it to begin to heal. 

You definitely provide a beautiful and worthwhile service.  Bless you for your efforts.”
-Anita C. McGuire, SRC Director

Customized Pet Loss Carepack with Memorial Tile:

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