Pet Love Poem

PetLovePoem on Flower

What great love I have for you.
You touched a very special part of me.
I look into your eyes and I feel love,
I think of you and there is love.
I honor you. I love you.
And I thank you for blessing my life.

Though we must part physically,
you will always be with me,
in my heart, in my soul
and in my life.
I will focus on this
and will continue to love
and appreciate you and all that you gave.

Let me remember…
Love exists in all realms,
and then love exists in its own realm,
in its own space in our heart and in our being,
it is bigger than the physical,
it is more than the emotional.
The love I have for you is always there.
The love we share is a permanent part of me,
I can reach anytime.

Our relationship and love is timeless.
You will continue on with me, and I with you.

-L. Leigh Meriweather

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One thought on “Pet Love Poem

  1. What a beautiful poem and wonderful sentiment. I couldn’t agree more. It is so comforting to realize how timeless and limitless the love that we share with our pet is. The gratitude expressed in this poem truly captures how I feel toward my pet every single day. It’s nice to connect with someone who feels the same love and appreciation for pets that I do for mine. Thank you for your heartfelt words.

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